Los Indios vencen 5-4 a los Astros y emparejan la serie


HOUSTON — En un juego de emociones, que se peleó hasta el noveno episodio, los Indios de Cleveland se llevaron la victoria 5-4 en el segundo de la serie frente a los Astros de Houston. Cory Kluber tuvo gran actuación, ponchando a 10 y permitiendo sólo dos carreras, ayudado por cuadrangulares de Michael Brantley (7) y el brasileño Yan Gomes (6).


Cory Kluber (7-2, 2.36) se llevó la victoria, lanzando 7 entradas, con 6 imparables (1 HR), 2 carreras, 10 ponches. El salvamento fue para Cody Allen, lanzando 1.2, con 1 imparable (1HR) y 1 ponche. El derrotado Dallas Keuchel, lanzó 5 entradas, con 6 hits (1 HR), 4 carreras, 3 ponches y 2 bases.


La carrera de la quniela llegó en la misma primera entrada, en la parte alta, MIchael Brantley conectó cuadrangular entre el callejón del left-center, para el 1-0. Edwin Encarnación conecta doble al jardín central, remolcando a José Ramírez, para el 2-0. Para finalizar el ataque ene este episodio, Jason Kipnis sacude doblete al central, para que anote Edwin Encarnación el 3-0.

Los visitantes siguieron atacando en la quinta, con rodado de José Ramírez, mandando al home a Rajar Davis, para el 4-0. 

El 5-0 llega con cuadrangular por el callejón del left-center de Yan Gomes, en la sexta.

Los Astros responderían en la parte baja de la sexta, con tablazo de cuatro esquinas de Carlos Correa, llevándose por delante a José Altuve, la pizarra se coloca 5-2.

En la parte baja del octavo, vendría Alex Bergman a botársela por el izquierdo, para el 5-3..

En la novena, Marwin González la sacó del parque por el derecho para el 5-4 final.


Para este domingo, el juego iniciará a las 7:08 p.m. CT, Carlos Carrasco (5-2, 3.66 ERA, 57 K) buscará llevarse la serie para Cleveland, mientras que  Lance McCullers (5-2, 3.63 ERA, 58 K) tratará de que la serie se quede en casa.

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  28. You may be wondering what’s the difference between our free 3 Card Poker game and a real money one. Both versions are virtually the same in terms of gameplay, but they come with a few differences. Free 3 Card Poker allows you to understand the rules and bets risk-free, while Three Card Poker for real money lets you win cash prizes. Nitrogen is one of the best Bitcoin poker sites. The operator has an extensive collection of casino games, including provably fair games like Dice. Apart from that, its live dealer section features some of the most popular games like American Roulette. Poker fanatics also get to play different variants, including Jacks or Better and Three Card Poker, to name a few.  You’ll notice that a flush is lower than a straight, and both are lower than three of a kind. In some cases, a game may still have a straight higher than a flush. Also, some games do not offer a Mini Royal Flush as a possible hand. Make sure to check the payout table of your game to verify which hands pay. http://www.sbosiamedicolavoro.it/community/profile/elviraeggers26/ Cherry Jackpot Casino is giving away 200% Bonus + … Yes, Cherry Jackpot Casino offers many different promotions that can earn you free spins. First, there is a Free Spins Frenzy Bonus that can earn you up to 20 Free Spins. Then, there is a Weekly Special Promotion that earn you up to 100 Bonus Spins on a selected slot game. Other than this, the casino regularly introduces specialized or promotional bonuses or bonuses specific to you that will earn you free spins as well as cash bonuses anytime, anywhere. Is writing too hard for you? Not a problem, if you know two languages or more. Then you’re free to translate projects for your clients. Creating a portfolio is easier here: you have to take sample text and translate it to other languages.=’gr_>

  29. Wie sie sehen gibt es für die bekanntesten Merkur und Novoline-Spiele gewinnbringende Strategien. Wir geben Ihnen somit alles mit, was Sie zum Gewinnen am Spielautomaten benötigen. Diese Tricks finden Sie alle im Automaten Trickbuch: Haben Sie Erfahrung mit solchen Geräten sie benötigen zum Betrieb noch ein auslesegerät nennt sich E60 rücksteller 20€ bei ebay weil er im gewerblichen Modus läuft und man muss sich um das Herz des Automaten kümmern sonnst ist er recht schnell wertlos Bei der (meist monatlichen) Auslesung der Geräte hat der Betreiber die Möglichkeit, eine Auslesung mit oder ohne Löschung der Daten im System zu veranlassen. Unter anderem können Sie den Spielautomaten mit Merkur Strategien «manipulieren» die bekanntesten sind folgende. Leider habe ich kein anderes Gerät zum Testen. Sofern alles Andere richtig gemacht wurde, ist ein Defekt leicht möglich, obwohl die grüne LED am E-60 leuchtet.Danke für die Hilfe. https://neuro-hirayama.com/community/profile/juanaporteus90/ Im Grunde sind die Regeln des Slots einfach und jeder könnten sofort mit dem Spiel beginnen. Aber dennoch, wenn Sie sich zuerst mit dem Slot vertraut machen möchten und sich von den Gewinnchancen überzeugen wollen, dann tun Sie gut daran, den Online Slot kostenlos zu testen. Für Dich empfohlen Dreh- und Angelpunkt des Automatenspiel ist der gleichnamige fiktive Charakter Midas, dessen Existenz zumindest in einem Fall belegt werden kann. Vor hunderten von Jahren trat der Name mehrfach im Zusammenhang mit Königen aus Phryghien auf. Hier tiefer ins Detail zu gehen, ist glücklicherweise nicht erforderlich. Alle Symbole, die Ihr im Spiel findet werden, sind natürlich mit dem Hauptthema verbunden. Diese sind gemäß ihrem Wert in zwei Gruppen eingeteilt. Für die kleineren Gewinne sind daher die allseits bekannten Spielkartensymbole verantwortlich, und zwar 9, 10, J, Q, K und A. Mehr Münzen gewinnt Ihr, wenn Ihr die Gewinnkombinationen mittels folgender Symbole bildet: König Midas, eine goldene Halskette, eine silberne Tasse und eine Schmuckschatulle.

  30. Netbet oferă toate tipurile de jocuri de masă, de la European Roulette și 3D Roulette, până la Blackjack. Oricare ar fi gusturile tale în materie de jocuri de noroc, vei găsi totul în selecția NetBet. Tot aici poți găsi peste 1200 tipuri dintre cele mai bune jocuri netbet realizate de producători renumiți, jocuri noi ce vor transforma experiența ta de joc într-una satisfăcătoare. NetBet este printre cele mai bune cazinouri online licențiate în România. Pachetul de bun-venit consistent, numărul mare de jocuri disponibile, faptul că se poate juca inclusiv cu dealeri live, site-ul optimizat pentru mobil, dar și multitudinea de metode de plată sunt principale aspecte care au dus la urcarea casinoului Netbet pe locul 4 în topul casinourilor online din România.. În momentul de față, Netbet app este accesibil de pe dispozitivele mobile atât printr-o aplicație casino online Netbet dedicată, cât și prin folosirea site-ului optimizat Netbet. Conform mai multor păreri Netbet, indiferent de sistemul de operare instalat pe telefon tabletă, nu au fost înregistrate probleme tehnice Netbet, singura grijă a jucătorului fiind cea de a avea o conexiune stabilă la internet și suficient de multă baterie. https://lima-wiki.win/index.php/50_rotiri_gratuite_fara_depunere *cimpuri obligatorii – 150 chip-uri verzi cu valoarea 25 Magazine.Okazii.ro Cu ajutorul antrenamentului și al practicii, vei învăța treptat vocabularul. Dar, din moment ce trebuie mai întâi să înțelegi teoria și apoi să începi să joci, este necesară o cunoaștere de bază a terminologiei pokerului. Jucătorii de poker trebuie să cunoască foarte bine regulile de joc și, în special, rangul mâinilor. În continuare, vom afla ce înseamnă flush la poker și cât de puternică este această mână. Cumpara in siguranta Seturi poker Produs nou. Se vinde cu factura fiscala.      Acest set jetoane este echipat cu jetoane grele de 13 grame, dimensiune de 39 mm si grosime de 3 mm. Sunt din clay de inalta calitate cu insertie metalica ce dau chip-urilor o nota profesionala. Sunt perfect echilibrate si confera…

  31. Täytyy onnitella Betolarin talousosastoa. Yhtiö uskoo saavansa ensimmäiset kaupalliset asiakassopimukset vuoden, kahden sisällä. Siitä huolimatta yhtiö uskaltaa antaa liikevaihto- ja kannattavuustavoitteen kymmenen vuoden päähän. Markkinoiden parhaat peliominaisuudet, huippulaadukas muotoilu ja pitkä rivistö parhaita pelejä. Pikakasino tarjoaa kivijalkakasinon sähköistä tunnelmaa vastaavan huikean pelikokemuksen. Pikakasinon pelivalikoima koostuu noin 1500 pelistä. Tarjolla on kaikki kolikkopelien, pöytäpelien ja livekasinon klassikot sekä viimeisimmät villitykset. Tässäkin pelissä voittajaksi selviytyy se pelaaja, joka veikkaa oikein, mihin taskuun rulettikuula pysähtyy pyörän seisahtuessa. Kuten tavallisissakin rulettipeleissä eri panostusvaihtoehdot tuottavat onnistuessaan erisuuruiset tulokset. Keybet-panoksen asettaminen tuo pelissä mainion lisävoittomahdollisuuden, jos rulettikuula sattuu osumaan pyörään keltaisella merkittyyn Keybet-panoksen taskuun. Keybet Rouletten palautusprosentti on varsin kohtuullinen 94,74 %, mutta key bet -panoksen asettaneelle pelaajalle palautusprosentti nousee jopa 95,34 prosenttiin. https://turtlesupport.org/community/profile/rubenphillip996/ Poker hat viele Sorten und im Gegensatz zu den Land-based Kasinos, machen die Online-Casinos die Spieler zur Verfügung alle Sorten von Poker. Casino bonus ohne einzahlung juli Online casino mit echtgeld bonus ohne einzahlung. Online casino bonus ohne einzahlung von dem Start abgehauen juli Online casino mit echtgeld bonus ohne einzahlung. Automatenspiele und ohne download gamen. Golden nugget casino lake charles restaurants. Golden Nugget Blvd, Golden Nugget Hotel, Lake Charles, LA Wälzen Ette Bewertungen. Es war dieser tollste Casino i schon gesehen habe. Suomen parhaat nettikasinot. Paras nettikasino — LaptopLifePro.

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  33. The most popular bonus is the Welcome Bonus. Normally you will get it once you’ve registered at a casino and it’s a great way of getting to know both the casino and their games before going all-in with a deposit. BitStarz has one of the biggest welcome bonuses around, so make sure you check it out. Bonus crypto is similar to free spins, except you can use it on other games as well as slots. The same basic rules apply to bonus crypto as it does to free spins. Make sure to read the terms and choose games that bonus crypto applies to. In both cases, it is possible to vastly increase your store of cryptocurrency by using bonus offers. There we have it – a complete & thorough selection of some of the best crypto casino sites today. Hopefully, our roundup will serve you well as you try to choose the next crypto casino to play on. https://kilo-wiki.win/index.php/Raging_bull_free_spins You will often see players use the Martingale system at the blackjack table, doubling their wager after each loss. In theory, this strategy sounds solid. However, blackjack is not an even money game. And additionally, players will occasionally run into a bad streak of cards. At a $5 table using the Martingale system if you lose 8 hands in a row, you will be wagering $1280 on your next hand, so unless you are a legendary high-roller, you are probably better off taking the $5 loss. Developed as a solution to California’s ban on blackjack and other card games in 1860, this game is played with between two and eight decks of cards and uses the joker as a wildcard. The aim is to get a score of 22 (or as close to it as possible) and players make up to three bets during the course of each hand, with players allowed to bet on each other’s scores as well as their own.

  34. ThС–s С–s РµsресіаllСѓ С–mСЂРѕrtР°nt fРѕr bРµgС–nnРµrs whРѕ СЃР°n stР°rt СЂlауіng Р°t mС–nС–mum dероsС–t СЃР°sС–nРѕs wС–th mС–nС–mР°l rС–sk. TРѕ lеаrn mРѕrРµ Р°bРѕut Canadian casinos online wС–th lРѕw dероsС–t rРµquС–rРµmРµnts, bРµ surРµ tРѕ rеаd thС–s rРµvС–Рµw Р°nd lеаrn hРѕw tРѕ СЃhРѕРѕsРµ thРµ bРµst sС–tРµ fРѕr СѓРѕursРµlf Р°nd СЃlаіm thРµ bРµst bРѕnusРµs. Almost every 5 dollar minimum deposit casino or three dollars deposit casino (Canada, USA, Australia, and other regions) have numerous payment options. However, some have limitations or different conditions for various payment methods. For instance, there are services that accept cryptocurrency only or provide bonuses and charge-free payments for a certain payment method. Most platforms accept cards, bank transfers, digital wallets, etc. https://wiki-nest.win/index.php/Online_casino_bitcoin_deposit The player to the left goes first and must decide whether to «stand» (not ask for another card) or «hit» (ask for another card in an attempt to get closer to a count of 21, or even hit 21 exactly). Thus, a player may stand on the two cards originally dealt to them, or they may ask the dealer for additional cards, one at a time, until deciding to stand on the total (if it is 21 or under), or goes «bust» (if it is over 21). In the latter case, the player loses and the dealer collects the bet wagered. The dealer then turns to the next player to their left and serves them in the same manner. Please allow up to 5 seconds… Having both parties cards exposed also places increased pressure on our part. Say we have a hard hand of 18; we wouldn’t normally hit, but because we can see the dealer has a strong 20, we have to hit in order to have any chance of winning. Surrendering, which is made available, where we can opt to give up half of our bet and save the other, may seem like the more viable option in scenarios like these; however, if it is done too much, significant losses can build up.

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