Canelo Álvarez habría salido limpio en nuevas pruebas antidopaje

marzo 9, 2018

México — Este jueves trascendió que luego de dos nuevas pruebas antidopaje realizadas al peleador mexicano Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, los resultados estarían libres de clembuterol y cualquier otra sustancia prohibida. Sin embargo, ninguna fuente oficial ligada a la organización de la pelea del próximo 5 de mayo en Las Vegas ante Gennady Golovkin confirmó la noticia.

Canelo Álvarez dio positivo por niveles bajos de clembuterol en dos exámenes realizados los días 17 y 20 de febrero por cantidades de 0.6-0.8 nanogramos por mililitro, de acuerdo con el anuncio de la Agencia Voluntaria Antidopaje. Sin embargo se hizo el anuncio hasta el lunes 5 de marzo.



  1. Ricarda - marzo 12, 2018 at 8:53 pm

    There has been a lot of injustices in boxing in 100 years and there will be more to come, is just like the Deflated Brady footballs, what would people say about it? we should have known better that Brady was going to take some pressure off those footballs and we should of have suspended him before it happened, peopple is just making a big deal just about everything is this fight but the truth is .6 nanograms of Clembuterol in Canelo”s system 2 and a half months out from the fight is not going to help him in any way on fight night and then last week he went into testing again and got a couple of negatives so the testing will continue until the fight takes place, the hand wraps is just not able Abel trying to throw some shit into the pot so people will pay him some attention and Canelo gets distracted, Nevada State Athletic Commision has said that what Canelo does with his wraps is perfectly legal and has been done for years in Nevada is not like some special wrap allowing only Canelo to use it like some people is suggesting, Golovkin himself used not so legal gloves against Gabe Rosado and some people say that he even killed a man back in Russia using illegal wraps, why does not able Able talks a little bit about that? perhaps he should be saying i know Canelo”s wraps are illegal because we used them befor and killed a man and we have also used illegal gloves before and got away with it.


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